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My goal for this week was to not let inane bullshit bother me. As you might imagine, I was not entirely successful, but I did not express my annoyance or anger even once. Drinking definitely helped, I was so right about this being the case. Also:

- I sent off an abstract to an essay collection about gender and horror, which is going to be published by a very! nice!! press. I wrote the essay back in 2014, but I never submitted it anywhere because I was living in Indiana and too busy hunting moose on the tundra. Now that I'm reading the essay again, I realize exactly how dark and dangerous my mental state was at the time, but I suppose that's appropriate to the theme. Anyway, it's a good essay, and I wrote a good abstract for it, and I hope it gets accepted.

- I wrote a short fic about Breath of the Wild after reading a super epic thread about the ontology of Calamity Ganon on the Zelda Universe forums. I was thinking that this would serve as a pilot piece for a longer project, but it didn't get any notes or kudos, so... maybe not. I mean, fandom is weird, and you can't win all the time.

- I've been editing some of my earlier fic, mainly for minor typos (for example, I would write "loathe to admit" instead of "loath to admit"), which I'd say I'm now finding at the rate of about one per every four thousand words. Going through my old fic is a slow process, but it's not as painful as it used to be.

- Actually some of my old fic is really good! When I read it again I was kind of surprised??

- It's weird to list this as an accomplishment, but I got started on some tag wrangling on Tumblr. If I keep up with this at a steady rate, it's going to take a long, long time, but I think it's worth doing. About once every four or five days I will get someone who comes onto my blog and likes everything in a certain tag, so I feel that it's a meaningful project to make sure all the tags are in order.

- I drew a picture of Princess Peach being cute. I had intended for this to be a longterm practice piece for coloring in Photoshop, but then I was just like, eh fuck it. I've been watching tutorial videos and picking up a few things here and there, but my progress is slow. In the meantime, it's not fair to expect my work to be perfect, and being able to post one "finished" image a week is a reasonable goal, right?

And now – like literally right now – I am going to get on a plane and fly to France. Au revoir dudes!

Date: 2017-05-17 03:17 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] lassarina
Every now and again I stumble across things I wrote a long time ago, or things I don't remember having written, and I'm like "hey wow this is pretty good! how did i manage that?"


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