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- I submitted a book review to a professional publication that requested it. I couldn't bring myself to read more than a few dozen pages of the book, which didn't seem to be proofread or copyedited, but the person who wrote it is a lovely older woman who has supported a lot of young people in her field and deserves to have nice things said about her work. I doubt that many people will read the book itself, as it's out of the price range for anyone except large institutional libraries, so I feel safe in having written formulaic pleasantries that are hopefully still specific enough to satisfy the author and her publisher.

- I finished the second chapter of The Price of Wisdom, the story I'm writing for the Zelgan Big Bang. This means I've still got four chapters to write. If I don't figure out a way to pick up the pace, I'm going to miss the deadline. Someone needs to wish me good luck on this, because I'm really going to need it.

- I wrote a short summary of the story to use as a standard AO3-style fic description, as well as a significantly longer summary to give the Big Bang artists a clear idea of what the story entails. I've been going back and forth about whether I want to participate in this event, but I finally signed up for it and went ahead and submitted my summaries to the mod, thus sealing my own stupid fate.

- I wrote some meta about environmental storytelling in The Wind Waker. God I love that game.

- Some dickbag left a reply on the post that I'm fairly certain was meant to make me feel shitty, but I took the opportunity to write more self-indulgent meta in the form of a civil response. You can always tell when someone has bad intentions when they leave a reply because, when you take the time to respond to them, they don't like or reblog or otherwise acknowledge the conversation in any way. Ah well, that's Tumblr for you. 

- I created a list of "Artists I Adore" on my Fandom Tags page on Tumblr. As I wrote when I started cleaning up my Tumblr tags, about once every five days or so someone will come onto my blog and like and/or reblog everything on a certain tag, which I think has something to do with the way the Tumblr mobile app works (if a user likes one post, it will suggest another). I'm not anything even remotely resembling a BNF, so I can't do much to support artists, but every little bit helps, right?


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