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- I edited some of my old fic.

- I just, really, hardcore edited some of my old fic.

- I posted the third chapter of The Price of Wisdom. I resent this fic so much.

- I translated another page of Hyrule Encyclopedia. These posts aren't getting a commensurate amount of attention relative to the effort I'm putting into them, so I don't think I'm going to keep doing this. Ah well, what can you do.

- And sometimes I make bizarre shitposts like this one that actually do get a small measure of attention, probably because I have very kind followers who feel sorry for me.

- I posted a guest review on my professional blog. This originated with a pitch from a stranger that I accepted based on the strength of his previously published essays, but the raw draft he sent me was so disjointed and confounding that I more or less had to rewrite every sentence and rearrange every paragraph. This was a lot of work; it took me more than three full hours to edit 900 words, sheesh.

- I follow an artist called l-a-l-o-u for her quality reblogs of illustrations that perfectly match my ideal aesthetic of pastels, plants, and cute girls being friends, but she also occasionally draws Zelda art. I was especially impressed by her lineless drawing of Midna that showed off the intricate pattern on the back of the character's clothing. When she opened commissions about a month after that, I was like, Okay now do one of Wind Waker Ganondorf. And she did!!
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