Jan. 4th, 2017

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I've been enjoying myself with Pokémon Sun, which has reminded me of how much I love old school JRPG gameplay.

My little brother gave me some amphetamine salt tablets for Christmas, so I think I'm going to pop half a pill and sit down and really focus on I Am Setsuna, which I had abandoned last fall because there are no save points in the middle of its endgame dungeons. This nonsense annoyed me when I was a tiny child playing a video rental store copy of Final Fantasy IV, and it annoys me now that I am a grown-ass adult. If I have played an hour of a damn game, I would like to have an option to save it, please and thank you.

One of the things I appreciate about handheld gaming is the ability to save your game whenever you want to. Your train reaches your stop? Save the game and quit. You get a text from one of your interns that requires immediate attention? Save the game and quit. You've been playing for an hour and want to do something else now? Save the game and quit.

There's a dungeon toward the end of I Am Setsuna called "the Ithees Ruins" that is super long, and to get to that dungeon you have to go through another dungeon, and just because you can see the monsters on the map doesn't mean that you can avoid fights with them. Each fight takes about two minutes, which doesn't seem like that big of a deal but becomes very obnoxious very quickly, especially since the enemies use cheap tricks (like exploding and causing damage when you kill them) that draw out the process even longer. The last time I played I Am Setsuna, I got about an hour and half into the Ithees Ruins before being like fuck it and turning off the PS4.

I don't think it's particularly a glowing endorsement of I Am Setsuna to say that you may need Aderal to make it through the endgame dungeons, but I've gotten this far already, and I'd like the see how the story turns out before I get serious about replaying Final Fantasy X.


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