Jan. 29th, 2017

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I caught a cold this week, and I spent most of my spare time lying in bed and praying for a swift death while steadily making my way through box after box of tissues. Still, I managed to accomplish a few things...

- I posted the third chapter of The Marriage of Lanayru. The story now has five user kudos, nine guest kudos, and an actual comment. I'm starting to get somewhere! Yay!! The fourth chapter is NSFW and has been giving me trouble, mainly because I can't even think about sex when I have a cold. Hopefully I'll be able to finish and post it by Wednesday, but I don't think anyone is keeping track. Once the chapter is up, I intend to tag the story on AO3 with "male masturbation," which may or may not increase readership. Who even knows how these things work.

- I put up another review on my professional book review blog. I wrote this one in the space of a week, and it's about six hundred words, which is a good length for a casual online review, I think. Although traffic to my blog hasn't increased at all during the past month of me it updating every week, I've noticed that my tweets are getting a bit more attention. (I still suck at using Twitter, though.)

- I submitted an essay on Twilight Princess to a print publication that will (hopefully) come out in early June. I've been working on this for weeks, and it felt amazing to finally send it off.

- I went through the publisher proofs of my book chapter on Bowser. For some reason the editors thought they could mess around with my essay after it went through five separate drafts, and I called them out on it. In this piece I'm trying to say that, although Bowser may have once been a menacing evil with no personality, he has since become a mascot who has been positioned by Nintendo as a representation of an older generation that has started to play games with their children. Basically, Bowser has become a dad. The editors seemed to think that I was trying to make apologies for Hitler or something, so I had to be like, HAVE YOU SEEN, THE NEW, NINTENDO SWITCH PARENTAL CONTROLS VIDEO. I mean listen, it is very important to me that everyone knows what an adorable piece of shit my husband Bowser is okay. I think I managed to reach an agreement with the editors, and the corrections to the proof have been sent to the publisher.

- I finished the third segment of my "Wind Waker Final Boss Battle" comic. I've been posting art (well, "art" haha) to Tumblr just about every weekend for a few months now, so it feels weird not to go ahead and post this, but I think I'm going to wait until the five-part comic is completed and then put up everything as one post.

I am still sick as a dog, but I am doing good things and making good progress! Next week I will get back to work on the two book projects! Writing about comics and video games seems vacuous and inane in this political climate, but critical media studies have never been more important! I will pour positivity into the world and use my position to lift up people who are making good art! Smash the patriarchy!!


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