Feb. 12th, 2017

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This week has been about basic maintenance: washing my hair, moisturizing my face, walking my dog, watering my plants, responding to emails. I didn't really have the emotional energy for anything beyond staying awake at work, but this is what I managed to accomplish:

- I finally finished the fourth chapter of The Marriage of Lanayru. I treasure every single kudo and note I receive, but at the same time it's difficult to keep going with almost no feedback. I therefore completely rewrote the story outline so that it will be complete in ten chapters.

- I edited the first chapter of the story and posted it on FFN. While I was at it, I cleaned up some of my story tags and descriptions.

- I commissioned Blizzarderful on Tumblr to illustrate a silly bit of speculation about a Zelda AU, which is actually the background scenario for one of my shorter fics, The Hero of Wisdom. I really like that story, so I ran it through another edit and put it up on FFN, using Blizzarderful's awesome design sketches as the cover.

I didn't do most of what I needed to this week, but, then again, this week was a mess. Thankfully it's over now, and honestly, a new story chapter and two sessions of intensive editing is nothing to be ashamed of, all things considered. Next week will be better! I will hang in there! Even if my steps are tiny, I will keep moving forward!


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