Feb. 13th, 2017

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If someone exhibits signs of a narcissistic personality disorder, do not engage. People like this can be extremely charming, but their relationships can only exist in a hierarchy with them at the top, and subordination is often reinforced by emotional abuse.

On the internet, a narcissistic personality disorder can usually be identified in three ways. First, by the repeated and seemingly sincere expression of extremist views and opinions. Second, by repeated insistence on mastery of a skill that is never given practical demonstration (such as fluency in a language, artistic or musical proficiency, specialist knowledge in a technical field, and so on). Third, by repeated boasting concerning a piece of equipment (a cell phone, a computer, an operating system or piece of software, etc.) that supposedly identifies the user as special and superior to non-users.

In other words, try to avoid interacting with anyone who seems fixated on expressions of dominance.


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