Mar. 13th, 2017

rynling: (Teh Bowz)
I've been collecting Photoshop tutorials for artists for years now, but most of them are about fantastic next-level shit. Where are the tutorials about basic beginner-level shit?

Are most people born knowing how to use Photoshop? This is probably because I'm kind of a moron, but it's so unintuitive for me. For example, I just recently figured out that, after you've scanned a drawing, the best way to get rid of the scanner shadows without washing out the blackness of the ink is to use the eyedropper tools in the Levels window.

How was I supposed to know what those do? To make matters worse, the way that the program expects you to use them is crazy, like, you have to make one change with one of the eyedroppers and then close and reopen the Levels window before you can make another change.

This is super foundational knowledge about how to import lineart into Photoshop, and I have never seen a single tutorial or Q&A explaining it. How do people learn this stuff?


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