Mar. 30th, 2017

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(1) What happens to the Al Bhed city of Home?

(2) What happens to a summoner when they summon the Final Aeon?

(3) How does Yuna escape from Seymour during the wedding scene?

(4) Which character is the most effective against machina enemies?

(5) What is the purpose of the Al Bhed Primer items?

(6) How does Final Fantasy X convey a sense of distance traveled?


Although it has two possible "correct" answers (Rikku or Lulu), a lot of students were unable to answer the fourth question. I think what may have happened is that, by this point in the semester, some of them have started relying on abbreviated playthrough videos. I told them that they should still consult the strategy guide regarding the gameplay elements if they choose this route through the game, but it seems they've let this slide. I therefore started giving informal verbal quizzes regarding gameplay during class so that everyone is up to speed.


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