Apr. 9th, 2017

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Something really shitty and awful happened to me this week, so to distract myself I cleaned my apartment, changed the oil and tires on my car, took my dog to the groomers, got a haircut, and filed my taxes. All in a week's work, dudes. But there's more!

- I finally posted the ninth chapter of The Marriage of Lanayru on AO3, and I edited and posted the seventh and eighth chapters on FFN. I tweaked a few things in the earlier chapters, and I've written about half of the tenth and final chapter. Have my writing and editing skills gotten better over the course of all the many hours I've devoted to this project? Not even a little! I can't wait for this story to be finished, because I'm boring myself – all my Zelda fic is starting to feel a little like Gerudo Lives Matter: Link's Wokening.

- I posted a shitty derivative comic about Peach and Bowser on Tumblr. I should really stop using the same bullshit flat pastel colors and learn to use Photoshop, but I am so lazy, it's disgusting.

- I got another citation on Wikipedia, two of the books that my work is appearing in now have preorder pages up on Amazon, and I accepted my first four-digit honorarium for a speaking engagement. None of this is technically an accomplishment, but goddamn it feels gud yussssss.

Now that it's warm again, I've resumed drinking. Suddenly my self-confidence and motivation have returned, how about that. Life keeps throwing emotional firebombs at me, but I have enough alcohol on hand to ride out an entire apocalypse of feelings, so I think I'm okay.


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