Apr. 16th, 2017

rynling: (Needs More Zelda)
Good protest yesterday, good protest. I was surprised at how many people from other countries came out. Maybe it's "protest tourism," but it gives me a small measure of hope to see people coming to DC from all over the world to raise their voices against injustice. I'd prefer if this weren't because our president is edging humanity a step closer to nuclear annihilation with every passing day, but still. Anyway...

- I finished and posted the last chapter of The Marriage of Lanayru on AO3. I also edited and posted the ninth and tenth chapters on FFN. Zelda and Ganondorf have sex and Hyrule is saved forever. Hooray!

- I posted two Super Mario shiptrash illustrations to Tumblr. The key demographic for this consists of me, but I am amused enough by human Bowser's jealousy toward beefcake Mario to make up for everyone else on the internet. I know I keep saying this, but it continues to be true.

- Someone tagged me on a post about Ganondorf, so I put about three hours of work into writing a meticulously researched 250-word response. Why did I expend so much time and effort? This is why I will never advance in my career.

- I got drunk the other night and wrote a bizarre shitpost about Wind Waker. It got a relatively high number of notes, which goes to show that the reception of any given post on Tumblr is completely fucking aleatory.

- I commissioned Naimly on Tumblr to draw Wind Waker Ganondorf, and oh my goodness did she ever produce the most wonderful thing. If we ever shoot up another Voyager into space, someone should put her illustration on a copper disk to represent the genius of the human race, I am not even joking. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Naimly, and I enjoyed every single one of our interactions. I think I'm getting better about communicating with artists, and this collaboration was particularly successful. She did the lion's share of the work, of course, but it was still incredible to see my ideas and suggestions gradually take shape as a gorgeous image.

Nothing bad happened this week, and everything was okay. I got a lot of work done and felt good about it. I'm starting to make progress in Breath of the Wild, which is honestly more satisfying and fulfilling than any real-life progress I could achieve at the moment. I am the hero of Hyrule, don't judge me.


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