Apr. 29th, 2017

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For my class on Final Fantasy X this semester I've been using screencaps from my current Steam playthrough for my PowerPoint slideshows, but as I've been putting together my last (thank god) presentation I realized that I'm missing a crucial shot. I had a vague memory of saving someone's screengrab from Tumblr a few years ago, so I went into my old "Final Fantasy" image folder to see if it was there. In fact it was, along with dozens of screencaps of Barret being his beautiful self.

I never really thought of Barret as being one of my favorite Final Fantasy characters, but the results of my pre-2014 internet magpie tendencies prove otherwise. I have like one picture of Sephiroth, maybe three or four of Cloud, and a good half dozen of Tifa, but most of the FFVII images in that folder have something to do with Barret. Honestly I still love him, and I regret nothing.


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