May. 7th, 2017

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I never get as much writing done as I think I'm going to. For some reason I always forget that everything takes so long. Why does everything take so long?? I don't know, I don't even know. But anyway...

- I posted the second chapter of my Zelgan fic The Museum of Hyrule. No one is reading it, but it is REALLY GOOD or at least really specific to my interests.

- I posted a new book review to my professional blog.

- I made two longish posts on my video game blog. The first is about how much I like Breath of the Wild, and the second is about my concerns with the game's story. Basically, it is sexist and racist and also a little homophobic. I mean, I love Breath of the Wild so much that it's borderline pathological, but someone needs to come out and say that it's not a 100/100 perfect game, you know?

- I wrote a critical essay about a certain aspect of Breath of the Wild that is problematic but makes a whole lot more sense when you consider that the game is Japanese. I posted this essay on Tumblr but made it long and difficult to reblog because I didn't particularly feel like dealing with a new batch of rape threats this week. As a result, the essay didn't get a lot of attention, but the one or two people I wanted to see it did in fact see it, which is all that counts in the end.

- I made one stupid drunken shitpost about Zelda that got some notes, and then I made another stupid drunken shitpost about Zelda that got more notes, and also I made a third stupid and very drunken shitpost about Zelda that sort of got out of control. The moral of this story is that I should get a life.

- I drew a picture of Link from Spirit Tracks. Hooray!

- I contributed almost nothing to this aside from some encouragement, but Ari-Draws-Things on Tumblr made a cute little comic in two parts (one and two) based on one of my stories. I am so honored and delighted!!

My goal for next week is to try not to get upset over stupid and petty nonsense. I may be wrong, but I think the solution probably involves alcohol. Taking a drink every time I start to feel sad and worthless will not be easy, but I am very committed to my mental health.


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