May. 12th, 2017

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So this (link) was a story in the Washington Post this morning:

Bowing to public uproar and deeply skeptical council members, Mayor Muriel E. Bowser has scrapped proposals for a far-reaching set of animal regulations that would have decidedly cramped the style of cats, dogs and chickens in the nation’s capital.
Also golden:

"This is not a war on pets," City Administrator Rashad M. Young said.
It's sometimes difficult to get myself to read the news these days, but at least I can always look forward to the antics of the DC mayor, a fundamentally smart and decent person who despite everything is almost comically inept at politics. She will typically have a good idea, take that good idea just a step too far, face a ridiculous amount of opposition, and then have one of her spokespeople deliver a series of acerbic one-liners to the press. I kind of feel bad for Mayor Bowser, but I am here for the ripostes.


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