May. 28th, 2017

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- The essay I wrote about Twilight Princess is going off to press, so I went through the galleys to make sure everything looks okay. The editor did a wonderful job with my writing, and the page layout editor did a wonderful job with the images, so this was actually pretty easy.

- An essay I wrote about Tokyo Jungle back when the game came out years and years ago is finally going off to press as well, but the publisher pulled some shenanigans and said that I can't include the epigraph. Since I refer to this epigraph multiple times throughout the essay, I had to copy and paste it into a block quote while slightly reframing the introduction. The actual edits weren't taxing, but I had to put some serious effort into anger management.

- I finished The Museum of Hyrule, dividing the last chapter into two chapters due to length and thematic structure. I also ran the full story through another set of edits, and I think it's pretty good. Although I've been outlining the plot for some time now, a complete 14k word fic in a month is a pretty major accomplishment. Good job team. Although honestly, this was a huge amount of work for me. I can't believe that some people are able to write a full 60k word novel for Nanowrimo, how is that even possible.

- I really love Erin Lyn Hardacre's illustrations based on Ocarina of Time (here's an example), so I commissioned her to draw Zelda and Ganondorf sharing a look of mutual acknowledgment (which she posted here). In order for flowers to bloom in spring, the earth must first be prepared by the storms of autumn, and the seasons progress in an endless cycle. In this illustration, Zelda and Ganondorf take a moment to respect each other's roles in this cycle, and the flowers framing their bodies give the piece a lovely art nouveau feel. What I've always appreciated about the artist's work is the kindness and compassion she brings to her subjects, and she did a fantastic job with this commission, rendering both characters as human and sympathetic.

- It seems that some of the images embedded in the author's notes of my fic on AO3 weren't loading, so I went in and checked what was going on. I had been hosting the images on Tumblr, and it looks like some of the URLs changed. I updated the code, but I'm going to need to start thinking about moving the images to a more stable location. In any case, I also added an "Illustrated" tag to the appropriate stories.

- More tag wrangling on Tumblr. Aside from editing individual posts, I also updated my list of tags, where it seems that a good half dozen of the links had been removed for no reason at all. This actually isn't the first time this has happened, so it's a good thing that I keep checking to make sure everything works. Fucking Tumblr, I swear.


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