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I finally beat Chaos. All of my cross-dressing ladies dudes were at level 67, and the battle still exhausted our complete stock of X-Potions and Megalixers. The ending was dull and monotonous. The crystals are in our hearts? Seriously? And now you want me to start a new game?

The entire game was dull and monotonous, and it's broken in ways that make it even more dull and monotonous. But now I can stay that I've played it.

Final Fantasy III is a huge improvement over Final Fantasy I in every way. One of the things I especially liked about FFIII is that it implies that, at a certain point in the planet's history, the Four Warriors of Light were the bad guys, and it was the Four Warriors of Darkness who had to save the world by restoring balance.

Working from this model, it has become my weird headcanon that this game is the prequel to that scenario, and that the "bad guy" Four Warriors of Light from FFIII are the protagonists of FFI. The Four Elemental Fiends in this game don't actually seem to be doing anything wrong aside from having created a time loop, which doesn't seem to be hurting anyone. I understand that the crystals losing power – or, more canonically, becoming "dark" – has resulted in there being more monsters in the world, but are "monsters" really that bad? Many of them seem to be animals, and thus outside of the realm of ethics and morality, while others seem to be sentient (as demonstrated by wearing clothes, using tools, etc). The Four Elemental Fiends, who reside in castles or towers or dungeons that are far larger than any human settlement, seem to be able to maintain peace between their sentient and non-sentient charges, while the game's human heroes are killing everything in sight and destroying entire ecosystems for the purpose of material gain. In fact, the game's entire (human) economy seems to be based on killing the creatures and sentient beings that fall under the rule of the Four Elemental Fiends.

In other words, the dark side is all about maintaining the balance between the human and the non-human beings on the planet, while the light side is all about killing everything and appropriating treasure. The only specifically bad thing the Four Elemental Fiends did was to try to keep Garland alive after your party kills him, but we don't get any backstory on that. Who knows, maybe there is deep tragedy involved.

In any case, the positioning of anything not human as evil doesn't sit well with me. Yes, let's destroy the natural world and refuse to tolerate diversity! Fuckers. I am totally on the side of the Fiends here – I would send a posthuman undead army out to crush the Warriors of Light too.

As a closing thought, all I could think of when I was fighting Chaos was Why does his giant black dick have a face.

Next up is Pokémon Omega Ruby!


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