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- I posted the thirteenth chapter of The Legend of the Princess, woot woot.

- I posted it along with the previous two chapters on Tumblr. These three posts got a total of five notes, and I lost three followers. Meanwhile, no kudos were given on AO3. I may have cried, like, a lot.

- I posted my first pure smutfic. I'm not gonna link to that here, though. It got a modest number of kudos, and the hit count is high enough to keep me in business.

- I finished the ninth and tenth stories for my Ghost Stories zine, and then I wrote three more to round things out at a nice even thirteen. I've made the decision to "publish" the zine under my real name, so the next thing I need to worry about is the cover.

- I commissioned Grace Allison to draw me an illustration of Princess Peach, and it has filled me with hope and courage, not to mention appreciation for the incredible quality of the work she does.

- I drew a four-panel comic about how Ganondorf's name is very difficult to pronounce in Japanese. I always try something new in each piece I post, and for this one I took a huge step forward and made the line art transparent so that I could color it with a stylus instead of the paintbucket tool. This was a lot of work; I'm talking hours and hours and hours. I'm not the best artist, but I think the comic turned out okay for my first serious attempt to use Photoshop.

- This comic got twelve notes and lost me five followers. I cried my stupid eyes out.

- I then bought myself some Copic markers and ice cream, because I am having a tough time and I deserve nice things okay.
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- I wrote the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth stories for my Ghost Stories zine.

- I finished the thirteenth chapter of The Legend of the Princess. I'll edit it and post it at some point during the next week. Since it helps me to see text in different formats and on different types of screens, I'm considering setting up another account here on Dreamwidth to post each new chapter as I edit it.

- I edited the eighth and ninth chapters of The Legend of the Princess for continuity. For example, I've decided that the library where a number of scenes take place has two doors and not just one, so I changed "door of the library" to "doors of the library" in the eighth chapter. I also decided (just this past week) that one of the previous Zeldas did not have any children, so I deleted two words from the ninth chapter that suggest that she did. Also, I tried to make some awkward phrasing slightly less awkward. These are small changes, but I'm doing my best, you know?

- The Legend of the Princess is a stupid shipfic that no one cares about, but the reason I'm keeping at it is because I want it to become the framework of my first novel. Turning this fic into a novel is going to involve more than filing off the serial numbers, especially since I'll have to introduce a lot of lore, geography, and fantasy taxonomies to the reader. I hate both exegetical infodumps and stories (especially science fiction stories) that throw out all sorts of nonsense terms without any explanation at all, so I've started taking notes on how I can better incorporate the worldbuilding into the plot. The fic is intensely focused on Zelda's point of view, but in the novel I'll have the opportunity to develop other characters, which is how I think I'm going to tackle issues related to what the hell is going on in this fictional world.

- I wrote about half (maybe?) of a short smutfic I intend to post on a separate account on AO3. I'm doing my best to employ all of the patterns and phrases from the Subclauses to Rule 34. It would be nice if producing smutfic were a skill I could develop. It's also possible that my efforts would be better directed elsewhere, but you don't know until you try.

- I spent more time cleaning up my art gallery and favorites gallery on DeviantArt. This could just be my imagination, but I'm getting the impression that people are starting to migrate back to DA from Tumblr.

- This was a hard week for me. Bad feelings were felt and many tears were shed, but I kept going anyway. I'm not entirely sure this is healthy? I've been watching myself shut down emotionally while I freeze people out of my life, but maybe that's just what needs to happen.
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- I wrote the second, third, and fourth stories of my Ghost Stories zine.

- I edited and posted Chapter Twelve of The Legend of the Princess. After I posted it on AO3, I put it through two more edits, both of which were highly necessary. This week I need to figure out a way to get a chapter in better condition before I post it.

- I emailed Lightsintheskye to ask about commissioning an illustration for the narrative arc I just finished, which took a lot of courage. No one is reading this stupid story, and no one cares if it updates, and probably most people see these illustrations as delusional narcissism on my part, but I managed to make a firm decision that I DO NOT CARE.

- I'm still editing Claws and Lace. I think at this point I could write an entire fucking MFA thesis about what this process has entailed, it's getting kind of ridiculous.

- I made one post to my professional blog and one post to my video game blog. When I linked to these posts on Twitter, people liked them, which was nice I guess. I've been trying to be more active on Twitter lately, and it's difficult. The platform has never really worked for me, but what can you do?

- A friend of a colleague is helping to edit a textbook about video games commissioned by Routledge. She got in touch with me to ask if I would contribute roughly 7,000 words about Final Fantasy, and I said yes because OF COURSE I DID. I sent a rough precis of the content to her yesterday morning so that she can send it along to the publisher. I then went out and drank almost an entire pitcher's worth of mimosas because this sequence of events is most definitely outside of my comfort zone.

- Against my better judgment I posted two of the Human Bowser character designs I've been messing around with in Photoshop, here and here. I also posted a rough design for Peach.
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- I wrote the twelfth chapter of The Legend of the Princess. This means that the fic is exactly half done. All of the plot points have been set up, and now I need to go about resolving them. Over the past four chapters I ended up simplifying a number of things I planned to be more complicated and nuanced because I have completely run out of both stamina and interest. As was the case with The Marriage of Lanayru, I just want to get to the fucking and then finish the story.

- I'll post it when it's ready, probably at some point later this week. In the meantime, I edited the eleventh chapter a bit more.

- I wrote the first piece of flash fiction for my Ghost Stories zine. It's about 490 words long.

- I got back to work on my nonfiction book project about comics.

- I wrote and sent off an abstract for a talk I'm scheduled to give in Toronto next spring at a media conference.

- I put together my annual self-evaluation report for work. I am objectively awesome, but this was still irritating and unpleasant.

- I've been spending a lot of time with Photoshop this week, and I filled a forty-page sketchbook (one of these) with doodles of various Nintendo characters. None of this is worth sharing, and in fact I think I've been having a lot more fun because I don't feel pressured to update my Tumblr. The plan is to spend enough time away from the site that I no longer give a damn about things like "friends" and "community" as I blithely post whatever the hell I want. Self care is playing your fiddle while Rome burns.
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It's been three weeks since I wrote one of these! What have I been doing in the meantime? Playing games, reading fic, and drinking. Life is good, mates.

- I put up the eleventh chapter of The Legend of the Princess. Now that I'm off Tumblr, I don't feel obligated to post something new every week, so I edited this chapter a little every day for two weeks instead of destroying my weekend by gang pressing myself into an intense five-hour editing session.

- Why was I working so hard? I can't remember tbh.

- I edited a bunch of my old fic! I'll write more about this tomorrow.
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I wrote some words of some things, but I didn't get around to finishing anything because

It was just that sort of week this week, I think everyone knows why.
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- Someone invited me to give a talk, and even though I'm feeling kind of done with speaking engagements it's not too far away and the money is good. I accepted and wrote them a short abstract for publicity purposes. I sure hope they're ready to listen to me talk about Zelda.

- I put up another guest post on my professional blog. The person who wrote this one can actually write, praise Cthulhu, and I hardly touched her piece at all.

- I had A Very Bad Day at work on Monday, and I wrote some self-insert fic about Ganondorf burning down his office (link), Zelda quitting her job (link), and Link leaning out of his career to become Instagram famous (link). This is all a lie though, really my deepest fantasy is to eat a whole bag of barbecue potato chips and then sleep for an entire day. What can I say, I am a very basic bitch.

- I posted the tenth chapter of The Legend of the Princess. I cut a lot of corners in this chapter, but the most important thing was to finish it and keep moving forward.

- I started taking art requests on Tumblr, and a friend suggested a picture of Link and Marin. While I was working on the initial sketches, I realized that I didn't know how to draw Marin, so I did a simple front-facing illustration (link).

- A very kind person sent me a lovely message on Tumblr, so I responded with a sketch of Groose from Skyward Sword (link), who I think I'd like to use to represent myself. I was planning on creating a cartoon t-rex as an avatar, but when push came to shove I just really wanted to draw Groose. This was 100% done in Photoshop, and even though I'm getting marginally better working with the program I still suck, alas.

- I commissioned Yappatan on Tumblr to draw a New Yorker style comic of a stupid idea I've had buzzing around in my head for a while, which is that, in Breath of the Wild, Princess Zelda and Calamity Ganon were just hanging out around Hyrule Castle and playing video games for a hundred years. Yappatan did a brilliant and phenomenal job (link), and the only reason her post did not go instantly viral is because the philistines in the Zelda fandom have no appreciation for True Art.

- I cleaned up my account on DeviantArt. Yeah, I still post stuff on DeviantArt, whatever. Basically I use it as an archive in the same way I use FFN. I don't engage with the platform at all, but every tiny extra bit of positive feedback is super important to me. I feel like I should say something self-deprecating about my pathological need for attention, but fuck it, haters gonna hate. 

- I also cleaned up my online professional portfolio. Unlike Ganondorf, I can't get away with burning down my office, but I am so totally going back on the job market this fall.
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- I edited some of my old fic.

- I just, really, hardcore edited some of my old fic.

- I posted the third chapter of The Price of Wisdom. I resent this fic so much.

- I translated another page of Hyrule Encyclopedia. These posts aren't getting a commensurate amount of attention relative to the effort I'm putting into them, so I don't think I'm going to keep doing this. Ah well, what can you do.

- And sometimes I make bizarre shitposts like this one that actually do get a small measure of attention, probably because I have very kind followers who feel sorry for me.

- I posted a guest review on my professional blog. This originated with a pitch from a stranger that I accepted based on the strength of his previously published essays, but the raw draft he sent me was so disjointed and confounding that I more or less had to rewrite every sentence and rearrange every paragraph. This was a lot of work; it took me more than three full hours to edit 900 words, sheesh.

- I follow an artist called l-a-l-o-u for her quality reblogs of illustrations that perfectly match my ideal aesthetic of pastels, plants, and cute girls being friends, but she also occasionally draws Zelda art. I was especially impressed by her lineless drawing of Midna that showed off the intricate pattern on the back of the character's clothing. When she opened commissions about a month after that, I was like, Okay now do one of Wind Waker Ganondorf. And she did!!
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- I posted the second chapter of The Price of Wisdom.

- I translated another page of Hyrule Encyclopedia.

- I wrote some self-righteous Zelda meta like a nerd.

- I wrote another stupid Wind Waker shitpost. I worked really hard on this one.

- I drew a shitty illustration based on a fic that someone gifted to me about two years ago. It's so bad that I actually lost count of the number of mistakes I made, but my goal was to create something as quickly as it came into my mind, and in that I succeeded.

- I drew another shitty illustration in response to a mutual's shitpost. Honestly I don't care if she likes it, because I'm still trying to get back at her for the porn she drew in response to one of my own shitposts.

- I signed up for digital art classes with the Oatley Academy because I want my illustrations to be less shitty.

- My ultimate goal is for people to be happy when I draw something for them, like this Ganondorf saltycatfish drew for me, which literally made me weep with joy.
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- I decided not to participate in the Zelgan Big Bang, so I sent (what I sincerely hope was) an apologetic yet supportive set of messages to the mod, to the artist who offered to be my illustrator, and to the only other writer who submitted a story summary. I feel like a garbage human, but there was no way I would have been able submit my work by the deadline, especially not without community support.

- I went ahead and posted the first chapter of what was going to be my Big Bang story, The Price of Wisdom.

- I'm continuing to edit my Peach/Bowser smutfic, Claws and Lace. It's so awful, goddamn. There are some things I can fix, like small typos and repetitive adverbs, but some things are still entirely beyond my ability at this point, like actually being able to write decent prose.

- I posted my translation of another page from the newly released Hyrule Encyclopedia, as well as some meta providing a bit of cultural context.

- I drew a set of Wind Waker postcards for a friend (the same friend from this conversation).

- I answered a fun ask from a Tumblr mutual with a shitty drawing of Calamity Ganon.

- My Tumblr tag wrangling continues apace, and I also changed the theme of my blog, finally, after five years. I wish I could change my username as well, but Tumblr (unlike AO3, Dreamwidth, or DeviantArt) will not automatically map all instances of the old username to the new one, alas.
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- I submitted a book review to a professional publication that requested it. I couldn't bring myself to read more than a few dozen pages of the book, which didn't seem to be proofread or copyedited, but the person who wrote it is a lovely older woman who has supported a lot of young people in her field and deserves to have nice things said about her work. I doubt that many people will read the book itself, as it's out of the price range for anyone except large institutional libraries, so I feel safe in having written formulaic pleasantries that are hopefully still specific enough to satisfy the author and her publisher.

- I finished the second chapter of The Price of Wisdom, the story I'm writing for the Zelgan Big Bang. This means I've still got four chapters to write. If I don't figure out a way to pick up the pace, I'm going to miss the deadline. Someone needs to wish me good luck on this, because I'm really going to need it.

- I wrote a short summary of the story to use as a standard AO3-style fic description, as well as a significantly longer summary to give the Big Bang artists a clear idea of what the story entails. I've been going back and forth about whether I want to participate in this event, but I finally signed up for it and went ahead and submitted my summaries to the mod, thus sealing my own stupid fate.

- I wrote some meta about environmental storytelling in The Wind Waker. God I love that game.

- Some dickbag left a reply on the post that I'm fairly certain was meant to make me feel shitty, but I took the opportunity to write more self-indulgent meta in the form of a civil response. You can always tell when someone has bad intentions when they leave a reply because, when you take the time to respond to them, they don't like or reblog or otherwise acknowledge the conversation in any way. Ah well, that's Tumblr for you. 

- I created a list of "Artists I Adore" on my Fandom Tags page on Tumblr. As I wrote when I started cleaning up my Tumblr tags, about once every five days or so someone will come onto my blog and like and/or reblog everything on a certain tag, which I think has something to do with the way the Tumblr mobile app works (if a user likes one post, it will suggest another). I'm not anything even remotely resembling a BNF, so I can't do much to support artists, but every little bit helps, right?
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- I posted a new book review to my professional blog.

- I posted the ninth chapter of The Legend of the Princess.

- I edited the first eight chapters of the story for continuity (to retcon things, basically).

- I standardized my chapter posting format on Tumblr and cleaned things up a bit.

- I posted the illustration for the second chapter drawn by Lightsintheskye.

- I commissioned Ganondorf drawn in a shōjo style from Camalilium.

- I drew a shitty birthday present for my dear friend Krokodilov.

- I beat Breath of the Wild, fiNALLY.
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This week consisted of a nice vacation in Tokyo in which I took a lot of long walks and ate a lot of delicious things. I got back in to DC yesterday afternoon, and I have been awake since 1:30 this morning. What is time, what is space, do these concepts even mean anything. I don't dislike traveling, but it messes up my writing schedule, and I hope I can get back into a good routine again soon. Still...

- I wrote the first chapter of the Zelgan Big Bang fic. Since I wrote a lengthy story outline so quickly, I thought it would be easy to write the actual story, but... nope. If I don't pick up the pace, there's no way I'm going to finish by the deadline.

- I finally finished writing the Peach/Bowser smutfic, god have mercy on my soul. This is probably the trashiest garbage I have ever produced in my life. It needs (a lot) more editing, but Sunday has somehow become my designated Day of Posting, so up it goes.

- I put up a new post on my video game blog that is essentially a clarification and expansion of my short essay on Seymour. I thought I would put some actual work into this and submit it somewhere, but honestly, who even cares about Final Fantasy X anymore.

- I worked hard on Instagram this week, I really did my best.
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- This week I did my job. It was not unpleasant, but not easy either.

- I wrote a 5,000 word report regarding my business in Akita.

- I was really surprised to find that some of the questions I was asked to answer in my report reflected weird American stereotypes concerning Asians ("Did you find that [people] were able to voice their opinions instead of acting according to group consensus?") and the Japanese ("Were [people] unnecessarily cruel in any situation?"), so I had a long (to the tune of about four thousand words) email conversation with my liaison in which I requested that this racist nonsense be rectified.

- I wrote a slightly different version of the report in Japanese that weighed in at about 4,000 characters.

- I got invited to visit the North American headquarters of Nintendo in November. I accepted this invitation, OBVIOUSLY.
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- I put up a new book review on my professional blog.

- I put up a new post on my gaming blog.

- I flew to Japan.

- I'm so goddamn jetlagged, holy fuck.

- I'm doing my best on Instagram, I am trying really hard.
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- I told myself that I wasn't going to participate in the Zelgan Big Bang, but then I got the most perfect idea, which I outlined to the tune of about fifteen hundred words. Basically I want to write (a highly condensed version of) A Hundred Years of Solitude set in the universe of Breath of the Wild. Even if no one ends up reading it, it's more or less writing itself, so I'm not too concerned.

- In the meantime, I sneezed and four thousand words of Peach/Bowser smutfic came out. This story (such as it is) needs another thousand or so words and a lot of editing, but I'll probably post it at some point over the coming week.

- I commissioned Kathryn Layno to draw a more mature version of Princess Zelda – Queen Zelda, if you will – as an illustration for The Marriage of Lanayru, and she did good work (link).

- I commissioned Promsien on Tumblr to draw Calamity Ganondorf, or what Calamity Ganon would look like in Breath of the Wild if it had a human form. She came up with something truly incredible (link), which has fueled me with inspiration to write the Big Bang fic.

- I kicked off the process of commissioning Lightsintheskye to illustrate The Legend of the Princess, and we've already got one illustration squared away. I'm not sure that she'll post it; and, if she doesn't, I might wait until I've recommenced work on the story to post it myself. In any case, this artist is an absolute joy to work with, and I'm starting to get the feeling that her talent doesn't have any real limits. This is a little scary, but it's also kind of awesome.

- Commissioning people actually involves a lot of writing, not to mention a great deal of creative and emotional energy. On one hand, you could say that I'm just as bad as one of those furries from the 2000s who commissioned multiple artists to draw their Neopet personas. On the other hand, you could say that I am very passionate about art and writing and storytelling, and that I'm simply using The Legend of Zelda as my current medium. I'll move on eventually, but for the time being I think I'm doing good work where I am.

- I translated two pages from the newly released Hyrule Encyclopedia and then reblogged them with added commentary (here and here).

- More tag wrangling on Tumblr. I removed a lot of stuff that I didn't particularly care for yet reblogged just to be nice to the artists and/or the fandom. This made me feel horrible, but it was cathartic. I also deleted a bunch of entries here on Dreamwidth in which I was trying to process my feelings about Tumblr-based Zelda fandom. That nonsense is childish and not worth my time.
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- The essay I wrote about Twilight Princess is going off to press, so I went through the galleys to make sure everything looks okay. The editor did a wonderful job with my writing, and the page layout editor did a wonderful job with the images, so this was actually pretty easy.

- An essay I wrote about Tokyo Jungle back when the game came out years and years ago is finally going off to press as well, but the publisher pulled some shenanigans and said that I can't include the epigraph. Since I refer to this epigraph multiple times throughout the essay, I had to copy and paste it into a block quote while slightly reframing the introduction. The actual edits weren't taxing, but I had to put some serious effort into anger management.

- I finished The Museum of Hyrule, dividing the last chapter into two chapters due to length and thematic structure. I also ran the full story through another set of edits, and I think it's pretty good. Although I've been outlining the plot for some time now, a complete 14k word fic in a month is a pretty major accomplishment. Good job team. Although honestly, this was a huge amount of work for me. I can't believe that some people are able to write a full 60k word novel for Nanowrimo, how is that even possible.

- I really love Erin Lyn Hardacre's illustrations based on Ocarina of Time (here's an example), so I commissioned her to draw Zelda and Ganondorf sharing a look of mutual acknowledgment (which she posted here). In order for flowers to bloom in spring, the earth must first be prepared by the storms of autumn, and the seasons progress in an endless cycle. In this illustration, Zelda and Ganondorf take a moment to respect each other's roles in this cycle, and the flowers framing their bodies give the piece a lovely art nouveau feel. What I've always appreciated about the artist's work is the kindness and compassion she brings to her subjects, and she did a fantastic job with this commission, rendering both characters as human and sympathetic.

- It seems that some of the images embedded in the author's notes of my fic on AO3 weren't loading, so I went in and checked what was going on. I had been hosting the images on Tumblr, and it looks like some of the URLs changed. I updated the code, but I'm going to need to start thinking about moving the images to a more stable location. In any case, I also added an "Illustrated" tag to the appropriate stories.

- More tag wrangling on Tumblr. Aside from editing individual posts, I also updated my list of tags, where it seems that a good half dozen of the links had been removed for no reason at all. This actually isn't the first time this has happened, so it's a good thing that I keep checking to make sure everything works. Fucking Tumblr, I swear.
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My goal for this week was to not let inane bullshit bother me. As you might imagine, I was not entirely successful, but I did not express my annoyance or anger even once. Drinking definitely helped, I was so right about this being the case. Also:

- I sent off an abstract to an essay collection about gender and horror, which is going to be published by a very! nice!! press. I wrote the essay back in 2014, but I never submitted it anywhere because I was living in Indiana and too busy hunting moose on the tundra. Now that I'm reading the essay again, I realize exactly how dark and dangerous my mental state was at the time, but I suppose that's appropriate to the theme. Anyway, it's a good essay, and I wrote a good abstract for it, and I hope it gets accepted.

- I wrote a short fic about Breath of the Wild after reading a super epic thread about the ontology of Calamity Ganon on the Zelda Universe forums. I was thinking that this would serve as a pilot piece for a longer project, but it didn't get any notes or kudos, so... maybe not. I mean, fandom is weird, and you can't win all the time.

- I've been editing some of my earlier fic, mainly for minor typos (for example, I would write "loathe to admit" instead of "loath to admit"), which I'd say I'm now finding at the rate of about one per every four thousand words. Going through my old fic is a slow process, but it's not as painful as it used to be.

- Actually some of my old fic is really good! When I read it again I was kind of surprised??

- It's weird to list this as an accomplishment, but I got started on some tag wrangling on Tumblr. If I keep up with this at a steady rate, it's going to take a long, long time, but I think it's worth doing. About once every four or five days I will get someone who comes onto my blog and likes everything in a certain tag, so I feel that it's a meaningful project to make sure all the tags are in order.

- I drew a picture of Princess Peach being cute. I had intended for this to be a longterm practice piece for coloring in Photoshop, but then I was just like, eh fuck it. I've been watching tutorial videos and picking up a few things here and there, but my progress is slow. In the meantime, it's not fair to expect my work to be perfect, and being able to post one "finished" image a week is a reasonable goal, right?

And now – like literally right now – I am going to get on a plane and fly to France. Au revoir dudes!
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I never get as much writing done as I think I'm going to. For some reason I always forget that everything takes so long. Why does everything take so long?? I don't know, I don't even know. But anyway...

- I posted the second chapter of my Zelgan fic The Museum of Hyrule. No one is reading it, but it is REALLY GOOD or at least really specific to my interests.

- I posted a new book review to my professional blog.

- I made two longish posts on my video game blog. The first is about how much I like Breath of the Wild, and the second is about my concerns with the game's story. Basically, it is sexist and racist and also a little homophobic. I mean, I love Breath of the Wild so much that it's borderline pathological, but someone needs to come out and say that it's not a 100/100 perfect game, you know?

- I wrote a critical essay about a certain aspect of Breath of the Wild that is problematic but makes a whole lot more sense when you consider that the game is Japanese. I posted this essay on Tumblr but made it long and difficult to reblog because I didn't particularly feel like dealing with a new batch of rape threats this week. As a result, the essay didn't get a lot of attention, but the one or two people I wanted to see it did in fact see it, which is all that counts in the end.

- I made one stupid drunken shitpost about Zelda that got some notes, and then I made another stupid drunken shitpost about Zelda that got more notes, and also I made a third stupid and very drunken shitpost about Zelda that sort of got out of control. The moral of this story is that I should get a life.

- I drew a picture of Link from Spirit Tracks. Hooray!

- I contributed almost nothing to this aside from some encouragement, but Ari-Draws-Things on Tumblr made a cute little comic in two parts (one and two) based on one of my stories. I am so honored and delighted!!

My goal for next week is to try not to get upset over stupid and petty nonsense. I may be wrong, but I think the solution probably involves alcohol. Taking a drink every time I start to feel sad and worthless will not be easy, but I am very committed to my mental health.
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My mission this week was to buy clothes and shoes for my work trip to Paris, and I accomplished that mission. Since I'm getting ready to go abroad, I've been really busy at the office, and next week is going to be even worse. In the meantime, this is what I accomplished...

- I sent off the final edits for a longish book review that will hopefully be published in September.

- I sent back the galley proofs for my contribution to a book that will hopefully also come out in September. Its listing just went up on Amazon, and the cover is beautiful.

- I posted the first chapter of my Contemporary AU Zelda/Ganondorf fic The Museum of Hyrule, which I've been fooling around with for more than six months now. I was planning on waiting to post this story until I had completely finished writing it, but whatever. I can sometimes be delusional about my own work, but I think this fic is really good. I'm excited about it, and I want other people to be excited about it too.

- I commissioned Cockismybusiness on Tumblr to draw me a picture of Princess Zelda from Breath of the Wild as the fierce and determined scholar that she is. I got sick of seeing her crying all the time in people's fan art, you know? Cocky and I had a good conversation about this, and then she drew the most perfect thing in response. I'm always so impressed by her work, and it's cool that we're friendly. She is one funny motherfucker on Twitter, and I sort of wish I had the emotional energy to spend more time there so that I could retweet everything she writes without it being weird. Anyway, this was a good commission, and it makes me happy.

My goal for next week is to stop being so lazy and useless and cowardly and draw some stuff.


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