Mar. 19th, 2017

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Sometimes I feel like I need to compulsively read every half-finished book and graphic novel lying around my apartment, as well as every online article and piece of fic that I've bookmarked in the past several months. This was one of those weeks. Still, I managed to do some things...

- I wrote 580 words of my manuscript introduction. Last week I wrote 323 words. In the meantime I deleted hundreds of other words, which was unpleasant. It would be nice if I could find my stride, but in the meantime I keep telling myself that if I continue to plunk away at my keyboard this stupid shitty thing will get done eventually.

- I finished the fifth chapter of my book on The Wind Waker. My process entails writing about three thousand words, letting them sit for a few days, and then editing the document down to about two thousand words. My objective is to cut out most of the geeky ranting that no one cares about. Although I intend for this to change later in the manuscript, at this point each "chapter" corresponds to a "level" in the game.

- I wrote and posted the eighth chapter of The Marriage of Lanayru. Two more to go! In this chapter I wrote an extended Marxist critique of Hyrule from Ganondorf's perspective, but then I deleted it because no one wants to read that. I ended up turning the monologue into a comic script, which I may draw later... or not.

- I drew Peach in a cute princess dress, mainly because I'm sick of drawing men but also because I like cute princess dresses. I had a ton of ideas for pattern detailing to use for her halo and the lace on her dress, but then I got bored and just posted the simple version of the piece. What can I say, I am lazy.

- I drew a stupid comic about my postgame headcanon for Link's younger sister Aryll, because goddamn I think she would make an awesome pirate queen. This comic was mainly an experiment with the paint bucket tool I've been using (poorly) to add color to my drawings. I've decided that 30% saturation is good for the background, but that the characters in the foreground need to be at a minimum of 50% saturation, with important details (like eyes) at 60%. As I did with the Peach drawing, I "stained" the line art with the dominant color of the palette at around 15% and then used the color hue tools to adjust the overall tone of the canvas accordingly.

- I broke my own stupid rule about doing things for non-mutuals and drew a comic illustrating someone's shitpost about Wind Waker Ganondorf being a depressed gay uncle. Little Miss Sunshine is one of the defining texts of my adult life, and I couldn't resist. There was no planning or premeditation to this comic; I just drew it and posted it and now a thing that nobody wanted exists in the world. Eh, whatever.

None of this got any positive feedback, but that's because I'm not good enough. My writing is not good enough. My drawing is not good enough. I need to work harder.


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