Aug. 7th, 2017

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- Someone invited me to give a talk, and even though I'm feeling kind of done with speaking engagements it's not too far away and the money is good. I accepted and wrote them a short abstract for publicity purposes. I sure hope they're ready to listen to me talk about Zelda.

- I put up another guest post on my professional blog. The person who wrote this one can actually write, praise Cthulhu, and I hardly touched her piece at all.

- I had A Very Bad Day at work on Monday, and I wrote some self-insert fic about Ganondorf burning down his office (link), Zelda quitting her job (link), and Link leaning out of his career to become Instagram famous (link). This is all a lie though, really my deepest fantasy is to eat a whole bag of barbecue potato chips and then sleep for an entire day. What can I say, I am a very basic bitch.

- I posted the tenth chapter of The Legend of the Princess. I cut a lot of corners in this chapter, but the most important thing was to finish it and keep moving forward.

- I started taking art requests on Tumblr, and a friend suggested a picture of Link and Marin. While I was working on the initial sketches, I realized that I didn't know how to draw Marin, so I did a simple front-facing illustration (link).

- A very kind person sent me a lovely message on Tumblr, so I responded with a sketch of Groose from Skyward Sword (link), who I think I'd like to use to represent myself. I was planning on creating a cartoon t-rex as an avatar, but when push came to shove I just really wanted to draw Groose. This was 100% done in Photoshop, and even though I'm getting marginally better working with the program I still suck, alas.

- I commissioned Yappatan on Tumblr to draw a New Yorker style comic of a stupid idea I've had buzzing around in my head for a while, which is that, in Breath of the Wild, Princess Zelda and Calamity Ganon were just hanging out around Hyrule Castle and playing video games for a hundred years. Yappatan did a brilliant and phenomenal job (link), and the only reason her post did not go instantly viral is because the philistines in the Zelda fandom have no appreciation for True Art.

- I cleaned up my account on DeviantArt. Yeah, I still post stuff on DeviantArt, whatever. Basically I use it as an archive in the same way I use FFN. I don't engage with the platform at all, but every tiny extra bit of positive feedback is super important to me. I feel like I should say something self-deprecating about my pathological need for attention, but fuck it, haters gonna hate. 

- I also cleaned up my online professional portfolio. Unlike Ganondorf, I can't get away with burning down my office, but I am so totally going back on the job market this fall.


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