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The Small Press Expo was amazing this year. One of the highlights of the convention was that I got to say hello to Sara Goetter and Natalie Riess, and they both signed my copy of The Legend of Gay Zelda Zine.

Back in the day, I had Sara draw an illustration for Ganondorf&!, a ridiculous fic I wrote about Ganondorf and Bowser being shitty gay dads together. She remembered this drawing because how do you even forget something like that, but what surprised me was that Natalie remembered it too.

Anyway, they drew me a thing, and it is transcendent.

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Earlier this year I managed to secure a commission from Grace Allison, a professional artist who does a lot of work related to games, including a fantastic Mario-themed illustration for the cover of the program for the Seattle Retro Gaming Expo (link). I told her that I wanted her to draw Princess Peach in contemporary clothing. When she asked me specify what sort of fashion I was inspired by, I gave her two words: Michelle Obama.

These are two of the design sketches she's sent me! )

Although I am obviously in love with Peach myself, this is also something I want to share with two of my female friends from college who are gearing up to run for public office in different parts of the country. Girls be ambitious!
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Every illustration I commission is my favorite commission, and I say this with absolute sincerity. The love I feel for the artists who work with me is so pure that it would be creepy if it weren't a platonic manifestation of overwhelming goodwill. I appreciate and treasure all of my commissioned illustrations equally and infinitely. Still, this drawing from lovelylandfill may just be the brightest light in a sky full of stars.

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For the past few days I have been trying to spend at least half an hour with Photoshop every evening, but why is tablet, what,, is layers

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A friend of mine on Tumblr tried to explain that learning to use a tablet is sort of like learning to ride a bicycle in that it takes a surprising amount of time to develop a specific set of muscles and sense of balance, but that is unacceptable. I want to be instantly good at this thing with no work whatsoever, is that too much to ask.
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Lightsintheskye just sent me a comic based on a scene from the sixth chapter of my Zelda/Ganondorf fic The Legend of the Princess, and words cannot describe how fantastic it is. She also sent me a gag version, which I want to share here because it is made of gold.

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My post of her last illustration only ended up getting about three dozen notes, so I decided to ask for the artist's advice about posting this one. I understand that the attention any given post gets on Tumblr is random, but there still have to be ways to skew the odds. Is there a day of the week or time of day that gets more traffic? Is there a good set of tags to use? I know there are marketing strategies for things like this (for example, this is an interesting infographic), but I've never sat down and compared notes with another actual human being. And it never hurts to ask for advice, right?

ETA: I'm glad I asked!
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I'm working with Lightsintheskye on a series of illustrations for my Zelda/Ganondorf fic The Legend of the Princess. She did the cover illustration a while ago, and yesterday afternoon I posted her illustration for the first story arc.

Despite the incredible quality of her art, the post only got 11 notes.

I was really surprised! I know that this piece will get the attention it deserves when the artist reblogs it later during the peak time for her blog, but I still can't help but wonder why so few people who follow me on Tumblr or track the fandom tags were willing to offer their support for a collaboration like this. (The people who did like or reblog the post are lovely and wonderful and have my eternal gratitude, of course.)

I think this is what it what it means to "create for yourself" - you need to have faith that what you're doing has worth and value, even if it's not something that's immediately recognized by the larger community. Despite the doubts I have regarding my own writing, the artist's talent is readily apparent. Like, what she does is really good, and I'm so lucky to be able to work with her on this project. Even if it's difficult for me to have faith in myself, I can believe in the quality of the artist's work. Along with the artist, I'm creating something interesting and unique and meaningful, and I'm gonna keep going, no matter what...

...if only because the actual process is so much fun. I mean listen, as much as it sucks to get so little positive feedback on Tumblr, I'm not going to complain about how cool it is to get to play around with concept and design sketches like this one of Zelda in fancy princess clothing.

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"I really wish I were good at art. It would only take fifteen minutes a day," I think to myself, having just spent the past five hours writing. "It's not that hard. Why am I so lazy?"
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I was working on a drawing I promised a friend, but then my hand slipped and this happened.

I ordered a cheap set of Pigma markers, which make my lines darker and a little more stable. What I'm trying to do here is to use a thicker pen for broad shape outlines and a thinner pen for the smaller details, but I suspect they're both going look the same. If I want the pen lines to have the same weight and depth as the pencils, I'm going to have to work with something better than crappy industrial-grade photocopy paper so that I can experiment more without destroying the physical page. I ordered a pad of Bristol board, so we'll see how that goes.

Last night I went out drinking with an artist friend around my age, one of these assholes who hates Tumblr culture and avoids the site but still has 40,000 followers. I was like, "What's your secret," and she leans forward and whispers, "Bitches love yaoi."

Sooooo I ordered two posable artist figures, a little dude and a big dude. I'm going straight to hell for this, I know I am, but I figure maybe I can get off light if I draw Satan's OTPs.
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"I love your Zelda meta post," I say to a friend. "I'd like to draw a comic about it!" So then of course I proceed to not talk to them for a week, and when I finally sit down and put my pencil to paper this is the sort of garbage that comes out, Jesus Christ.

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Ganon: I am pure power and rage incarnate! My fury is enormous, and so is my body!
Zelda: I am sixteen and innocent, and I will endure my captivity bravely.
Ganon: I come from a matriarchal culture and would never rape you, but I will touch you all I want.
Zelda: I don't know why I'm so aroused, what is going on, did I mention I'm only fifteen?
Ganon: I will now proceed to turn into a literal animal with a dick longer and thicker than your arm.
Zelda: I don't understand how that's physically possible, but I love you and my vagina is ready!!
Ganon: I am actually a sweet and sensitive person and not a monster at all. Surprise!
Zelda: As a fourteen-year-old woman, all I have ever wanted is to have your babies.

. . . . .

This seems like it would be a very specific fantasy, but... My fault for going on FFN, I guess.

I'm not here to judge people's sexytimes (although that is totally why I'm here), but I'm considering getting back into Ganlink, a true and pure pairing that I adored back in 2010, so much so that a dear friend created this delightful illustration for me...

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I've been collecting Photoshop tutorials for artists for years now, but most of them are about fantastic next-level shit. Where are the tutorials about basic beginner-level shit?

Are most people born knowing how to use Photoshop? This is probably because I'm kind of a moron, but it's so unintuitive for me. For example, I just recently figured out that, after you've scanned a drawing, the best way to get rid of the scanner shadows without washing out the blackness of the ink is to use the eyedropper tools in the Levels window.

How was I supposed to know what those do? To make matters worse, the way that the program expects you to use them is crazy, like, you have to make one change with one of the eyedroppers and then close and reopen the Levels window before you can make another change.

This is super foundational knowledge about how to import lineart into Photoshop, and I have never seen a single tutorial or Q&A explaining it. How do people learn this stuff?
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This is dibeediboop's finished illustration of The Modern History of Zelda, which she posted along with the character designs on her Tumblr.

It's incredible, right?

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I'm still working on the design of Zelda from "The Modern History" with dibeediboop, and things are coming along!

There are still some kinks to work out with this design, but next up is Ganondorf. The character is more of a personality than an actual physical presence in my mind, so this is going to be tough. For some reason, male characters are always way more abstract to me than female characters.
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I commissioned dibeediboop on Tumblr to do character designs and an illustration for The Modern History of Zelda, and she just sent me her rough sketches for Zelda.

This is exactly how I imagine Princess Zelda in her twenties: cold, proud, magisterial.

Because this artist is a boss, I also got four different versions of her clothing, which is pure Victorian military chic. The artist is so ridiculously talented, and I am so excited about working with her.

I'm a bit worried about how to describe Ganon to her, though. I more or less imagined him as Frantz Fanon, but that's not really something you can come right out and tell someone.
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I'd really like to draw fan art for my friends. I suck at drawing, but I'm trying to get better. The way I've been doing this is to draw things over and over while attempting to build stamina and figure out how light works. The more I work on perspective and shading, though, the more I realize how much I love flatness as an aesthetic. Still, even if I intend to keep my designs and colors super flat, it would be nice to have a better grasp of anatomy and action lines.

In any case I'm worried about offending people by drawing shitty garbage. Last year I gradually became friendly with two artists on Tumblr, and over the summer I sent them postcards from Japan with sketchy doodles of characters from their comics. After that both of them stopped talking to me, true story. Art is hard, but friendship is harder.
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The commission in question is (here) !!
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So this is a thing that I might be responsible for...

...and I never thought the world could be such a strange and beautiful place.

The artist is the incomparable Fungii, who I suspect is probably a legendary pokémon in real life.


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